Mayroon bang nagdidikta ng kalakarang ito? sino? united states, china, germany, japan, argentina, kenya o pilipinas? isyu nga bang maituturing ang globalisasyon? bakit?


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    e revolution was a result of the long oppressed freedom and the life threatening abuses executed by the marcos government to cite several events like human rights violation since the tyrannical martial law proclamation in 1972. former senator benigno "ninoy" aquino, the years that followed martial law started the suppressive and abusive years–incidents of assassination were rampant, particularly those who opposed the government, individuals and companies alike were subdued. the filipinos reached the height of their patience when former senator benigno "ninoy" aquino, sr. was shot and killed at the airport in august 21, 1983, upon his return to the philippines from exile in the united states. aquino’s death marked the day that filipinos learned to fight. his grieving wife, corazon cojuangco-aquino showed the filipinos and the world the strength and courage to claim back the democracy that ferdinand marcos arrested for his personal caprice. considering the depressing economy of the country, ninoy’s death further intensified the contained resentment of the filipinos. in the efforts to win back his popularity among the people, marcos held a snap presidential election in february 7, 1986, where he was confronted with a strong and potent opposition, corazon aquino. it was the most corrupt and deceitful election held in the philippine history. there was an evident trace of electoral fraud as the tally of votes were declared with discrepancy between the official count by the comelec (commission on elections) and the count of namfrel (national movement for free elections). such blatant corruption in that election was the final straw of tolerance by the filipinos of the marcos regime. former defense minister juan ponce enrilethe fidel v. ramosdemonstration started to break in the cry for democracy and the demand to oust marcos from his seat at malacañang palace. the revolt commenced when marcos' defense minister juan ponce enrile and the armed forces vice-chief of staff command of fidel v. ramos, both withdrew their support from the government and called upon the resignation of then president marcos. they responsibly barricaded camp crame and camp aguinaldo and had their troops ready to combat against possible armed attack organized by marcos and his troops. the catholic church represented by archbishop jaime cardinal sin along with the priests and nuns called for the support of all filipinos who believed in democracy. radyo veritas aired the message of cardinal sin that summoned thousands of filipinos to march the street of edsa. it was an empowering demonstration that aimed to succeed peacefully with the intervention of faith. nuns kneeled in front of tanks with rosaries in their hands and uttering their prayers.

    former president corazon cojuangco-aquinowith the power of prayers, the armed marine troops under the command of marcos withdrew from the site. celebrities expressed their support putting up a presentation to showcase the injustices and the anomalies carried out by the marcos administration. finally, in the morning of february 25, 1986, corazon aquino took the presidential oath of office, administered by the supreme court associate justice claudio teehankee at club filipino located in san juan. aquino was proclaimed as the 11th president of the republic of the philippines. she was the first lady president of the country. people rejoiced over their victory proving the success of the edsa people’s power revolution, the historic peaceful demonstration. although in 2001, there was an attempt to revive people power in the efforts to oust then president joseph estrada, it was not as strong as the glorifying demonstration in 1986. the bloodless, people power revolution in edsa renewed the power of the people, strengthened the meaning of democracy and restored the democratic institutions of government. continue to the 5th republic (1986) up to the present time.

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    answerbaka alam ni mareng jessica

    explanation: try naten

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    Europe o kaya eurasia
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    Navotas Fish Market


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