If you are a president someday? what will you do? ​


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    If I’ll be a President someday, I should be a role model to my country. I’ll be honest in my work, I won’t steal from any of my countrymen’s belongings. The people in my country is the first priority that I should prioritize. I will listen to them and make an act if they need me. I’ll sacrifice my time and life just to protect my country, I’ll dedicate my life to them because I love my country.
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    I want to help other poor people and i will raise our flag in whole world and i will make my own history in the world

    Explanation:i say it because i want to help other and i want to help the philippines and raise our traditions and culture by maintaining the traditions of our ancestors

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    In my opinion, I would not allow LGBTQIA+ no offense because they just deserve hate. I would give laws about the environment by zero waste management and about clean surroundings. Anti- drug policy etc.

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    My plan of action will start by fixing the country from inside and out.

    Before we bring justice to the people, we must fix the justice system. Before bringing education to the people, we must fix the education system. Most of our problems originate from the very source of our country, the government, and I plan to fix these things before giving it out to the public. By fixing the inside of the government, it will be ensured that corruption will be greatly reduced, people who get high government decisions actually deserve it, and that the Philippines in general will improve as a whole.

    I have noticed one thing in all Filipinos from the very beginning; it's the fact that we're unmotivated, and we're not patriotic. We killed off a great general (General Antonio Luna), because we didn't like him, we lost to the Americans because we never actually fought, and we killed the people who actually did fight for our country.

    We never had the passion and drive the Americans had, we removed all possibilities for a Filipino George Washington.

    I plan to change this. I plan to replace this pathetic excuse for a government, and turn it into a central power that rules with prowess and strength.

    One cannot lead a group when he cannot rule himself. This applies to the Philippines.

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If you are a president someday? what will you do? ​...