Graph organizer tungkol sa globalisasyon (pasagot asap pls, need ko na ngayon ih as in ngayon)


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    1. D

    2. E

    3. F

    4. C

    5. H

    6. B

    7. I

    8. J

    9. K

    10. A

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    1. D

    2. G

    3. F

    4. E

    5. J

    6. B

    7. I

    8. C

    9. K

    10. A

    Im not sure

  • Réponse publiée par: camillebalajadia represents the tradition and it shows the creativity represents their culture and humanity

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    \huge \color{darkviolet}{ \boxed{{answer:}}}

    What is the kind of materials that break and scatter the rays of light? Mirror

    When light strikes a rough surface, incoming light rays reflect at all sorts of angles because the surface is uneven.

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    A. Oxidane

    B. 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen.

    C. Yes, by the process called water electrolysis

    D. Water electrolysis

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    A. water

    B.hydrogen and oxygen


    Splitting the hydrogen and oxygen in water is accomplished using a process called “water electrolysis" in which both the hydrogen and oxygen molecules separate into individual gasses via separate “evolution reactions." Each evolution reaction is induced by an electrode in the presence of a catalyst.

    D.This is possible using a process known as electrolysis, which involves running a current through a water sample containing some soluble electrolyte. This breaks down the water into oxygen and hydrogen, which are released separately at the two electrodes.

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    ano yan Hindi ko maintendehan yung naka sulat

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    assessment production international siciyology

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    sorry Hindi ko alm ang sagot

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    easy kaya mo yan tiwala lang

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Graph organizer tungkol sa globalisasyon (pasagot asap pls, need ko na ngayon ih as in ngayon)...