Because i learn this becausefor my school


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    :(:) :(:(


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    Because we use conditionals to talk about imaginary situation in the past, present and future.

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    1.things I should never forget I could be ready for any tests or questions when the teacher asks us

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    26. Eddie needs to learn English because

    a. He lives in Philippines,

    b. He is moving to lowa,

    c. His father sends him books in English.

    d. His mother is from lowa.

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    anong example ;-;

    I have learn that because

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    1. : (

    2. : (

    3. : (

    4. : (

    yan po ang sagot ko

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    26.B.He is moving to lowa,


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    beacuase the political landscape changes everuday,with new examples appearing constantly in the media

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    Because, You'll going to have a proper knowledge in terms of the laws, rules and regulations regarding to every human rights especially yours. That will keep you away from dangerous and unfair movement of some of the politics. Though, It will help you not get fooled easily. Hence, You'll be able to defend yourself against to the people with bad intentions.

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    I have learn that because

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Because i learn this becausefor my school...