Sino ang dumakip kay emilio aguinaldo?


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    Mga Amerikano


    Dahil pinatapon sya sa malayong lugar katulad sa nangyari kay tandang sora

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    mga amerikano po!

    nasa sayo na po kung susundin mo

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    Emilio Aguinaldo, used a flag like the Magdiwang faction's and features a white sun with Number the Ray a red baybayin letter K. The symbol has recently been ...
    Place of death: Quezon City
    Date of death: February 6, 1964
    National Affiliation: Philippines
    Date of birth: March 22, 186
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    SAGOTGen. Frederick Funston, Sr.

    Siya Ang Amerikanong heneral na humuli/dumakip kay Emilio Aguinaldo

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