Anu-ano ang mga nagawa ni pericles para sa athens? ? ​


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    oo,dahil ito ay nababatay kung anong ang kaugalian at ang pakikitungo ng iyonng kapwa.

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    Ang sagot ay ang mga prayle kasi pare sila
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    WW2 began when Hitler would like to avenge Germany and give Germans the life that was taken from them during WW1.


    * Political take over of Nazi Party which ruthlessly promoted an aggressive foreign policy violation of the Versailles Treaty of 1919

    * Japanese military against China

    * Italian aggression against Ethiopia

    * success of Germany in forming an agreement with the USSR in August 1939 to divide up Eastern Europe.

    * the elimination of Bolshevism, and the hegemony of the Aryan Race over the sub-humans of Jews and Slavs.

    The 1930s was a decade in which democracy was in disrepute; countries across the world turned to authoritarian regimes.

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    Nagsimula ang martial law sa pilipinas sa pamamahala no Ferdinand marcos nagsimula ito nuong sept 21 1972 at natapos nuongjanuary 17,1981

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Anu-ano ang mga nagawa ni pericles para sa athens? ? ​...