Ano ang naging reaksyon ng mga pilipino sa reduccion?


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    dahil ito ang ating yaman ahjsjsjsjkskskks

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    answer: gregorio sancianco y goson was a lawyer and early advocate of economic reforms in the philippines, which was then under spanish rule. he was among the first generation of the propaganda movement, the lobby for political and economic reforms spearheaded by educated filipinos (ilustrados) based in spain in the second half of the 19th century. sancianco has been called the first filipino economist.


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    Ang output ay isang gawaing sa labas ng produksyon
    ang input ay processong gawaing sa loob ng lugar
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    Asmall country maintains a command economy, with the government maintaining control of production and distribution of things it feels the public needs. when a neighboring nation threatens, sending armed patrols across the border, the government decides it would be in the public’s best interest to build up its supply of arms and train military personnel. it must then shift allocation of certain resources from producing things the people do not require, perhaps shutting down manufacturing of luxury clothing items.

    in this example of command economy, those production facilities can then be re-tasked to produce guns, missiles, and tanks. others may be required to furnish ammunition, and resources are put into drafting and training soldiers.
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