Ano ang tawag sa mga bisaya puno ng tattoo?


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    BATUK po yung sa visayas term ng tattoo

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    This is called "hinawak" from hawak or waist. Those who were considered heroes were called "Lipong" for they were tattooed all over except under their bahag or g-string. Facial tattoos from the ears to chin to eyes were only for the bravest and toughest warriors that belonged to an elite class.

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    he was a good time to get a good time to get a good time to get a good time to 66kjea

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    1. All people, no matter how bad they seem, are innately good.

    I agree because God made us and God is good, we come from the good, we we're born to be good, some people just look bad because of some reasons but I believe that they are innately good.

    2. Kindness should not be seasonal nor selective.

    I agree because being selective is just like similar with discrimination that's why we shouldn't be selective, we should be kind to all people because we never know what they were going through and specially it also takes one kindness to change someone's life.

    3. Blessings in life come in different forms.

    I agree with this because blessings doesn't just come with one form but different forms, there are unexpected blessings like for example a one person has many problems and then subsequently it was solve for some reason, there's also a blessing that we expect like a married couple having a baby and other blessings in our life.

    4. Everyone should love and be loved.

    I agree with this because first of all the God made us with love, that's why we're meant to love and be loved, love may hurt us because we're living in a unperfect world but love comes from different meanings and actions that could bring us together, to have good humanity and peace.

    5. Tattoos are wrong for the kids like me.

    I agree with this because I think having a tattoo at my age is not look good to me, I mean I love my skin, with or without design and most importantly tattoos doesn't allow the minors to have it.
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