Why would you choose abstinence and give 3 reasons


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    Abstinence is lack of something because you control/restrain yourself from doing it. There are different types of abstinence such as sexual, alcohol, etc, but the most commonly word that goes with the word abstinence is sex.

    Here are some reasons for choosing abstinence (sex):

    Avoid cheating on your partnerAvoid conflict in your relationship that may lead to separationAvoid sexually transmitted diseases. Having sexual intercourse with different people might infect you with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) especially when you don't ensure that he/she doesn't have STD.Avoid making a sin to God.
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    Why are teens choosing to be abstinent? Many teens choose abstinence because they know that it's the best protection against STIs, and it's 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Others choose abstinence because of religious beliefs or because of their own values.


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Why would you choose abstinence and give 3 reasons...

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