Kababahihan sa timog silangang asya


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    | na imahinasyong guhit sa mundo

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    Not sure.

    acropolis-ang pinakamataas na lugar sa mga lungsod-estado kung saan itinayo ng mga greek ang kanilang mga templo.

    agora-isang bukas na lugar sa gitna ng lungsod kung saan maaaring magtinda o magtipon-tipon ang mga tao.
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    The emergency shelter assistance or esa for casualties of tropical storm yolanda were appropriated late because of the late arrival of assets and counter approval of the rundown of recipients to ensure that lone those meriting would get it. dissemination of esa was difficult; truth be told, it couldn't be considered 'crisis shield help' any longer since it was conveyed in 2015, over multi year after yolanda struck the islands.
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