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Summary of the short story sinigang by marby villaceran


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    Sinigang by Marby Villaceran

                    The story starts with a girl named Liza, and her Tita Loleng, preparing Liza's favorite dish, Sinigang. Usually, it was never Liza's turn to help her Tita Loleng in cooking sinigang. But not today.

                    Liza was the one tasked by her Tita Loleng to pick out the vegetables to use in the Sinigang. While cooking, they had a conversation about Liza, attending the funeral of her half-brother, Lem. Lem died of cancer, but it was evident that he was her father's son.

                    Lem was not always the kindest to Liza when he was still alive. Though he was an acolyte for the church, he would always call Liza "sinverguenza", the shameless daughter.

                    During the funeral, Liza recalled that she was greeted by Lem's mother. She described that she was not as pretty as her mom. Lem's mother asked for forgiveness, to whom Liza just nodded without any emotions. Lem's mother took this as a yes and hugged Liza. She recalled that she smelled like perfume and sweat, but didn't move so as not to be rude.

                    Growing up, Liza always wondered who the boy who kept calling his father on the phone everyday. And now that she had the answer, it broke her heart. She was always Daddy's girl. When it was time for Lem's burial, as they watch his coffin being lowered, Liza's father looked at her, and said sorry.

                    The sinigang she and her Tita Loleng cooked will be served for dinner. Everything will be just the same, but different. Her dad will tell her mom about his day, and then ask each of them about theirs, her father will compliment her about the Sinigang they cooked and she would smile at her father like she always did. But this time, her smile won't even reach her eyes.

    Sinigang is a kind of a short story.

    What is it and what are the elements of a good short story?

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Summary of the short story sinigang by marby villaceran...