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How did you use the various art foundations?In your own understanding


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    realistic, natural, calming, soothing, admirable, full of nature, comfortable, beautiful, fascinating.

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    Please add a picture the next time you add a question.
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    the art of masterpiece

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    Neoclassical Art is a strong and unemotional form of art that harks back to ancient Greece and Rome's grandeur. Its rigidity was a response to the over-developed style of Rococo and the emotionally charged style of Baroque. Neoclassical Art's rise was part of a general renewal of interest in classical thinking, which in the American and French revolutions was of some significance.

    In the second half of the 18th century, neoclassicism arose after the excavations of the ruins of Pompeii, which ignited renewed interest in the Graeco-Roman era.

    Romanticism originated as a response to neoclassicism around the end of 1800. It has not necessarily replaced the Neoclassical style as much as it functions as a counteracting influence, and many artists have been influenced to some degree by both styles.

    The artists stressed that feeling and impulses were equally significant means of understanding and experiencing the world, not just reason and order. In the enduring search for individual rights and freedom, romanticism celebrated the individual imagination and intuition. Its theories of the artist's artistic, subjective forces fueled forward-looking movements well into the 20th century.

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How did you use the various art foundations?In your own understanding...