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  • Sanaysay tungkol sa salawakain na habang may buhay...

Sanaysay tungkol sa salawakain na habang may buhay may pagasa


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    Painting is the preferred artistic expression in Japan, practiced by amateurs and professionals alike. Until modern times, the Japanese wrote with a brush rather than a pen, and their familiarity with brush techniques has made them particularly sensitive to the values and aesthetics of painting.

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    Because every artist have style of art that they want to be known as unique..

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    Soul-Making "It is this practice of working through disintegration that I find to be at the core of the artistic and therapeutic  processes. I name this act" poesis "(after Heidegger's use of the Greek word for poetry), and I find it to be at  the center of human life. "It is necessary for human beings to fall apart, to break, to disintegrate, and to feel the misery that comes with a loss of wholeness. To what, then, will we transform this moment of crisis? I believe that the possibility of  creative living emerges at this crucial moment.  If we can let go of our past identities and step into the awareness of the void, then the possibility emerges of evolving new modes of life. The artistic act Poiesis happens as the soul's death and rebirth.  We are  continually called upon to improve ourselves, to participate in what James Hillman terms 'the making of souls'

    "Poiesis as an egalitarian affirmation often appears in language. This is the relation between soul-making and the arts, 'poetry' as a common term for creative practice.

    Art talks to the audience in different ways. It helps us to consider our own viewpoint on issues.  Until then, art has become a means of communication, a imaginative way of telling or showing the people (or, rather, the world) of the artist's stance against something, or just what the artist thinks when he / she does the artwork.And what's fun about it is that the artist gets different opinions on his / her work.  What we can't really say whether it's right or wrong, since art talks to the hearts of the audience and it can't be limited to one abstract concept, art breaks down barriers. Our professor gave us an opportunity to find out how well we can extract significance from works of art. It is in art that we are given the ability to contemplate, analyze and remember our own lives.

    In the arts, to make sense of the work for people, it would involve comprehension of the visual elements on  

    which art was based, particularly the concepts of design.

    Semantic, and grammatical laws are important elements to remember in order for the person to make sense  of language and extract meanings from the words. Notice that the audience of the said artwork must have a certain degree of understanding of the theme,  artwork, type and content of the said work.


    Is the whole piece of art that involves the textures, colors and shapes the artist uses.

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Sanaysay tungkol sa salawakain na habang may buhay may pagasa...