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Explanation for your drawing your self


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    because I have never drawn myself and I want to try it

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    The main tool in creating CGI is a high-spec computer with the capability to process, calculate, and rendered large data of imagery.

    What is CGI?

    Next needed are software such as Autodesk 3DMax and Maya, Nuke, Editor, and Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects.

    With technological advancements, the CGI industries make use of motion capture to imitate realistic movements. Powerful cameras can also capture movement at 60fps (frame per second) rather than the standard 24fps.


    CGI nowadays use large amounts of storage and process data to render a CGI. Rendering a CGI scene on a regular PC could take years depending on how many elements were used. For example, the movie Spiderman: into Spiderverse 2018 had a scene where it took a week or so just to rendered a 3-second scene.

    To shorten the production time, companies would use a series of computers to create a supercomputer so that these computers could simultaneously process an image at the same time making rendering faster.

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    Claude monet,auguste renior,edouard manet,vencent van gogh,paul cezanne


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Explanation for your drawing your self...