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What are the similarities of traditional art from digital art


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    they're both a medium used for the expression of art


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    these are the following similarities


    purposevaried meaninguniversality reflection
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    The simple answer is traditional art uses traditional mediums that have existed and been developed and improved over time. While digital art uses digital technologies to produce art.


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    2.Varied meaning






    Whether art is created digitally or traditionally, it serves the same purpose. The surface purpose is to create an attractive impression to whoever looks at it and draw them in. Once that is achieved, art then tries to appeal to the deeper emotions of its viewer. It forces them to think in a way that can evoke feelings of pride, anger, love, calmness, name it.

    Varied Meaning

    When two people look at a piece of art, they are likely to interpret it differently. And that is the objective of art; to achieve different perspectives. Whether it is a digital or classic creation, any piece of art will always carry numerous meanings that are received differently by different viewers.

    The ability to create digitally allows creators to experiment much more than when using traditional methods. In this sense, artists can use digital creations to formulate their ideas, then go back to the drawing-room and create the finished idea digitally.


    The language of art is universal. It does not matter if it is created by a digital artist or a traditional artist. Whether you look at a piece created using graphics or one that is done with paint and a brush, they will both speak to you in the same manner.


    Art reflects the culture within which it is created and the age/era of its creation. When an artist takes his tools- whether digital or otherwise- they will look to create a reflection of the society they livein. Their creations are used to prompt society to look at itself and do some evaluation. At the same time, both digital and traditional art is used to preserve memories of the happenings of its time.

    Looking at these similarities, it can be seen that both traditional and digital art are roads that lead to the same destination. It should, therefore, be of more importance to look at ways that the two forms of art creation can work together rather than trying to pit them against each other.

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    2 no because traditional and contemporary is not similarity

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    because all of that are create wonderful artwork

    3. What is the similarity between traditional art and digital art?

a. They can create wonderful ar
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    b. they can both use technologies


    pa branliest po:)

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    1) They are both considered art

    2) Has the same goal: to attract viewers/attention


    1) Uses different media/materials

    2) Techniques that are used to create the artwork

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    trehe are the same they are art

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What are the similarities of traditional art from digital art...