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Compare and differentiate the anthropocentric and ecocentric models


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    It is one of the most groundbreaking innovation existed.


    Genetic engineering helped in many aspects of life in ways that will improve it. For example, it paved way to new agricultural products that could be sold in local markets such as fruits, vegetables, etc. It also contributed to exploring the wide ranged biotechnology that could be done on animals, extracting genes from different species and making its characteristics "fuse" with another, therefore, developing into new and stronger kinds of animals. Mostly, it contributed to humankind as an instrument in medical field. It was used to cure diseases and conditions that highly affects a human body and adds fatality. It enters into humans' molecular biology and creates a restoration for the damaged DNAs and cells in the body. Genetic engineering built a biological advancement in the modern world's technology by helping as much species of organisms as possible.

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    There are 6 functions of Intergumentary System which include, protection, absorption, excretion, secretion, regulation, and sensation.


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    Flower or also called as angiosperm

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    Sterilization is the process of destroying or kill all-living micro-organisms(microbial).

    Disinfection is a substance used to control micro-organisms on non-living surfaces such as tools, equipment and furniture/fixtures.

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Compare and differentiate the anthropocentric and ecocentric models...