Acrostic for the word distribution.


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    Acrostic simply means a word puzzle in which each letter can take a word. There are many words that can be formed from the word DISTRIBUTION.

    D-Death killing of predators like lions can cause a big impact on the balance of the ecology.

    this would cause increase of grazers (gazelles and others ) and grass would end and hence they will also die(long term).

    I-impregnation getting more females and males together enhances impregnation that increases the number of species. Favorable climatic changes are also crucial for impregnation.

    S- speed. species must move in speed to find food otherwise they will face extinction. They must also fight with other species for survival.

    T-toxic oils spills and other types of impurities and environmental degradation affects survival of species.

    R- rare species like the white rhino should be placed in santuaries to avoid their extinction.

    I-Interactions different species interact to form new species.

    B- Bold bolder species have a high survival chance that weaker species a

    U- united. species that live in colonies e.g monkeys and elephants have a high chance of survival.

    T- Trauma too many tourists in national parks make animals and species traumatized and hence reduce their capability to reproduce.

    I- induced researchers induce pregnancies for animals that are close to extinction

    O- Oxygen pollution especially in the air reduces the amount of oxygen levels. Reduced oxygen levels may lead to improper growth of animals and affect their existence.

    N- natural. human interference affects the natural habitat of animals especially hence threatening their existence.

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Acrostic for the word distribution....