3salient points of aids and hiv prevention


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    freedom of being able to communicate and think.

    this made it so that because humans were able to think and so culture was created and passed to generations until now.

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    The possible results is massive destruction because banana has very weak foundation and unlike trees, bananas give little resistance in strong winds that can result eventually to falling in the ground. the destruction may result to losses in agriculture and it would take time to plant bananas again and harvest may take longer.
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    Dahil ang English ay universal language.

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    Chlorine in the atmosphere reduces the amount of ozone in our atmosphere for it is highly reactive with ozone.


    ozoneO subscript 3

    Cl+O subscript 3 = ClO + O subscript 2

    it turns it to ordinary oxygen O subscript 2

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3salient points of aids and hiv prevention...