Sino gan gustong mag ka couple Yan ma ganda hehe

Sino gan gustong mag ka couple Yan ma ganda hehe


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    thank you sa poi.nts

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    tysm sapoints pabrainliest po. . . . . .

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    Land breeze occur when it is night. Because when it is night cold air rises from the ground replacing the warm air from the sea in night. So that is the reason why sometimes the ocean is a bit hit and why it is so cold in the night in land.

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    Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating hurricanes ever


    Hurricane Katrina had several environmental impacts.

    contaminated floodwater - sources say that about 7  million of oil was spilled in the Gulf Coast, including Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. This is scary because oil on top of the water would prevent or limit the amount of sunshine coming into the sea, affecting the ocean's ecosystemFlooded Federal-marked sites - some sites were already for demolition because of health and pollution issues. Since these were flooded, whatever toxic materials in the buildings were also scatteredContaminated Groundwater - because of the above, including the many household chemicals that were swept by the flooding, the groundwater is sure to be contaminated. It will be more difficult to treat a chemically polluted water.

    These are just some of the environmental effects of Katrina. It did not, however, cause the production of toxic materials. It merely exacerbated the problem. What can be done is to ensure that policies are in place to control the storage of these toxic wastes so that even if flooded, it will not seep into the waters or the ground causing health issues.

    For more information:

    Effects of Hurricanes/Typhoons:

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Sino gan gustong mag ka couple Yan ma ganda hehe...