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Give me 5 facts if we dont protect the environment (need long answer)

nonsense will be reported


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    Sexual Objectification


    An object for pleasure to humans themselves

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    Bakit laban ang hanap ng batang bonakid explain why Ang ibig sabihin ng laban sa batang may laban sa Gatas na Bonakid ay nagkakaroon ng lakas ng katawan ang bata upang panlaban sa anumang sakit na puwedeng dumating sa kanya. Ang katotohanan kapag uminum ka ng gatas ay lumalakas ka sa kadahilanan na marami tayong nakukuhang bitamina at mineral sa gatas na ating iniinum. Pero ang gatas ng Bonakid ay mas pinadami ang makukuhang bitamina at mineral at mas pina sustansya pa. Nakakapagpalakas pa ito ng mga buto at ating immune system n gating katawan. Kaya ang batang umiinum ng gatas na Bonakid ay may laban sa para sa mga sakit at nagiging matatag sa hamon sa buhay na nararanasan nila.   the Powdered milk drink specially designed to help and support the nutritional needs of children over 3 years old. it has a Triple Boost Formula for Immunity, Growth and Energy.   it Contains Vitamins and Minerals that  are contribute to the normal function of the immune system and also has antioxidants.   Also has B-complex Vitamins to convert food to energy.

    Ito ang mga nakukuha sa gatas na Bonakid ay ang mga sumusunnod:


    • mataas sa  Vitamins C & D

    • ito ay source of Vitamin A  

    • mataas  ito sa  Vitamin E which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

    • High source din ito sa  Iron & Zinc

    • source din ito ng Selenium  

    • it contains antioxidants carotenes at Lutein ENERGY NUTRIENTS:

    • mataasa sa mga  Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 at  B12

    • merun din itong Vitamin B7 GROWTH NUTRIENTS:  

    • mataas ito sa Protein  

    • High source din ito sa  Calcium, Vitamins D & K

    • merun din itong  Manganese


    Boil drinking water and allow to cool for five minutes. Pour 210 ml of lukewarm water into a bottle, + 4 heaping spoons. Remove until powder dissolves completely. Make sure your child drinks the milk right away. Dismantle  unfinished milk. For more information please refer to the back of the pack's Preparation Directions and Feeding Table. Reminders: Incorrect storage, handling, preparation and feeding may potentially have detrimental effects on your child's  health.  After through use, close the pouch / can be tight. Store in dry, cool spot. Using a sachet / Use within 2 weeks of opening the can within 4 weeks. Please see the expiration date in the box / can at the bottom / top.  Despite a professional recommendation do not change proportions. Use more or less powder than indicated  can either result in dehydration, or deprive your child of proper nutrition.

    Para sa karagdagang impormasyon sumangguni sa link:


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    Osmosis is the biological process whereby water moves from a place of high concentration to a place of low concentration through a semi permeable membrane. If a lot of water moves into the cell, it is possible for the cell to burst.
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    It is known as codominance
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Give me 5 facts if we dont protect the environment (need long answer)nonsense will be reported...