What experiment should i demonstrate in science exhibit?


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    The heat required to vaporize the water is 76.266 kJ or 76266.32 J.


    Heat of Vaporization

    Vaporization or commonly known as evaporation is the process where the liquid generates a vapor pressure above itself.

    The heat of vaporization or the enthalpy of vaporization (ΔH vap) is the heat required in order to change the phase of the liquid.

    The molecules of a liquid moves constantly and have a various range of kinetic energies. There will be a time that some of the liquid's molecules will have enough energy to escape from the surface and eventually will enter the gas phase (vapor phase).

    For this problem, we can use the known enthalpy of vaporization of water.

    The enthalpy of vaporization of water is 2256.4 J/g. This means that in order to convert 1 g of water at 100°C to steam at 100°C, a heat amounting to 2256.4 J is required.


    For our case, we have a mass of water amounting to 33.8 g at 100°C and we want to vaporize it to steam (also at 100°C).

    ΔH vap = 2256.4 J/g * 33.8 gΔH vap = 76266.32 J = 76.266 kJ

    Therefore, the heat required to vaporize the water is 76.266 kJ or 76266.32 J

    Learn more about heat of vaporization here:

    More example problems of vaporization/ evaporation here:


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