What is the hybridisation of propane


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    First draw the electron structure of propane and use the VSEPR theory to explain the geometry and hybridization around each carbon atom.

    In propane, there are three carbon atoms connected in a straight chain and eight hydrogen atoms are connected to carbon atoms. Three hydrogen atoms are joined to each terminal carbon and two hydrogen atoms are joined to each middle carbon atom.

    Each carbon atom in propane has four charge clouds (four single bonds). So, each carbon has a tetrahedral geometry which implies that each carbon is sp³ hybridized.

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    Propene is: CH2=CH-CH3. The 1st and 2nd carbon atoms are in sp2hybridization as they had to form 3 sigma bonds each. The 3rd one had to form all 4 sigma bonds. Hence it undergoes sp3 hybridization.
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    The kind of element that require high ionization energy to remove its valence electrons is the non-metal elements
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