A1.0-g sample of an alcohol was burned in oxygen to produce 1.913 g of co2 & 1.174 g of h2o. the alcohol contained only c, h, & o. what is the simplest formula of the alcohol?


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    The simplest formula of the alcohol is,


    The chemical equation for the combustion of hydrocarbon having carbon, hydrogen and oxygen follows:

    where, 'x', 'y' and 'z' are the subscripts of Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen respectively.

    We are given:

    Mass of

    Mass of

    We know that:

    Molar mass of carbon dioxide = 44 g/mol

    Molar mass of water = 18 g/mol

    For calculating the mass of carbon:

    In 44 g of carbon dioxide, 12 g of carbon is contained.

    So, in 1.913 g of carbon dioxide,  of carbon will be contained.

    For calculating the mass of hydrogen:

    In 18 g of water, 2 g of hydrogen is contained.

    So, in 1.174 g of water,  of hydrogen will be contained.

    Mass of oxygen in the compound = (1.000) - (0.522 + 0.130) = 0.348 g

    To formulate the empirical formula, we need to follow some steps:

    Step 1: Converting the given masses into moles.

    Moles of Carbon =

    Moles of Hydrogen =

    Moles of Oxygen =

    Step 2: Calculating the mole ratio of the given elements.

    For the mole ratio, we divide each value of the moles by the smallest number of moles calculated which is 0.022 moles.

    For Carbon =

    For Hydrogen  =

    For Oxygen  =

    Step 3: Taking the mole ratio as their subscripts.

    The ratio of C : H : O = 2 : 6 : 1

    The empirical formula for the given compound is

    Therefore, the simplest formula of the alcohol is,

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    is the answer.

    Two hydrogen atoms will combine to form water.

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