How human being develop into a organism according to the level of organization​


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    Higher level of organization are built from lower levels. Therefore, molecules combine to form cells, cells combine to form tissues, tissues combine to form organs, organs combine to form organ systems, and organ systems combine to form organisms.


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    The levels of organization from simple to complex



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    Volume =375.0 ml Temperature= 28°C =301K  pressure=765 mm, V2=420mmHg T2=278K  V2=?



    V2=P1V1*T2/T1*P2*=765*375.0*278/301*420 ml

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    Bases have a pH level below 7 is false

    Further explanation

    pH is the degree of acidity of a solution that depends on the concentration of H ions. The greater the value the more acidic the solution and the smaller the pH.

    pH = - log [H⁺]

    The pH range is: 0-14

    acidic if the pH is <7 neutral if pH = 7 base if pH> 7

    A base is a substance when dissolved in water, can produce OH⁻ ions.

    Usually the nature of the base or acid can be known one of them with indicators, such as litmus.

    Red litmus:

    acidic: red

    bases: blue

    neutral: red.

    Blue Litmus

    acidic: red

    bases: blue

    neutral: blue.

    Then the pH of the base is in the range between 8-14, and acidic between 0-7

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