How many 9g of water consist hydrogen and oxygen


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    Oxygen = 3.011 x 10^23 and Hydrogen = 6.022 x 10^23


    Water contains 18 grams per mole so 9 grams is equivalent to 0.5 moles of water

    Per mole= 6.022x10^23; The water molecule contains 1 oxygen and 2 hydrogen therefore we have:

    0.5 (6.022x10^23) 1 = 3.011x10^23 of oxygen

    0.5 (6.022x10^23) 2= 6.022x10^23 of hydrogen

    There you have it: 3.011x10^23 of oxygen and 6.022x10^23 of hydrogen in 9 grams of water.

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    Good Day...


    In a nitrogen gas occupies has a volume of 500ml at a pressure of 0.971 atm. What volume will the gas occupies at a pressure of 1.50 atm, assuming the temperature remains constant?

    Given Data:

    V1 (initial volume) = 500 ml                    V2 (final volume) = unknown ?

    P1 (initial pressure) = 0.971 atm             P2 (final pressure) = 1.50 atm


    This problem can be solve using Boyle's Law in which volume is inversely proportional to pressure when temperature and the amount of gas are constant. When Pressure increases, volume decreases.

    The formula of Boyle's Law is   P1V1 = P2V2To Solve for the V2 (final volume) we can use V2 = P1V1 / P2

    V2 = P1V1 / P2

         = 0.971 atm × 500 ml / 1.50 atm   (cancel the unit atm)

         = 485.5 ml / 1.50

         = 323.67 ml

    the volume is 323.67

    Hope it helps=)

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How many 9g of water consist hydrogen and oxygen...