What are the disaster in Catanduanes?


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    VIRAC, Catanduanes – The province of Catanduanes is now under a state of calamity after Super Typhoon Rolly barreled through this island province on Sunday, killing at least five people and leaving over 10,000 families homeless. ... Escueta added that based on their monitoring, no price increase was noted in Catanduanes.


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    Good Day..


    A 50.0 L Of gas with and initial temperature and pressure of 20.0 celius and 2.5 atm is heated to 80.0 celius what is the new pressure inside the bottle at this temperature assume that no gas particle was able to escape out of the battle during the heating.


    Convert degree celsius to kelvin when solving gas laws problem.  

    kelvin = degree celsius + 273.15  

    Kelvin = 20.0°c + 273.15 = 293.15 K  

    Kelvin = 80.0°c + 273.15 = 353.15 K

    Given Data:

    P1 (initital pressure) = 2.5 atm

    T1 (initial temperature) = 20.0°c or 293.15 K

    P2 (final pressure) = ? unknown

    T2 (final temperature) = 80.0°c  or 353.15 K


    This problem can be solve using Gay-Lussac's Law which state that kelvin temperature is directly proportional pressure when volume and the amount of gas are constant. Formula is P1/T1 = P2/T2.

    To Find P2, we can use P2 =  P1T2 / T1

    P2 =  P1T2 / T1

        = 2.5 atm  × 353.15 K /  293.15 K    (cancel unit kelvin)

         = 882.875 atm / 293.15

         = 3.01 atm

    the pressure is 3.01 atm

    Hope this helps..=)

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