if a piece of rock has a volume of 4.73 L and a mass of 3524 g, what is the density of the rock in g/mL?


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    The most common units of pressure are Pascal, Newton, atmosphere, inches of mercury, millimeters mercury or Torr,  and pounds per square inch.

    These units vary in terms of metric units. They can even be ranked from highest to lowest.

    Pressure can be defined as force per unit area. For each of the unit measurements, there's a corresponding values.

    The first one is Pascal or Pa. This is the standard unit of pressure. It is relatively a small unit measure so most often, the KPa or KiloPascal is used, specially in gas pressures.

    Meanwhile, a standard atmospheric pressure is 1 atm, which is also equal to 760 millimeters Mercury or mmHg. It is also equal to 101.3 KiloPascual or KPa. Sometimes, atmospheric pressure is stated in pounds per square inch or psi. the atmospheric pressure at sea level has an equivalent value of 14.7 psi.

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    Good Day


    What is the molecular weight of a molecule of water, H2O? (Amu= atomic mass unit)

    Given Data:

    Oxygen = 15.999 atomic mass unit (amu)

    Hydrogen = 1.0079 atomic mass unit (amu)

    Note: H2O contains 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of Oxygen

    Hydrogen = 1.0079  amu × 2 = 2.0158 amu (H2)

    Oxygen =  15.999  amu × 1 = 15.999  amu    (O)


    Add the atomic mass unit of 2 hydrogen to the atomic mass unit of 1 oxygen.

    H2O =  2.0158 amu + 15.999  amu = 18.0148 amu

    We can also say that 1 mole of H2O is equal to 18.0148 grams.

    Molar mass of H2O = 18.0148 grams/mol

    H2O has 18.0148 atomic mass unit (amu)

    H2O has a molar mass of 18.0148 grams / mol

    Hope it helps...=)

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if a piece of rock has a volume of 4.73 L and a mass of 3524 g, what is the density of the rock in g...

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