Impact of automation on employment within the accounting industry


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    There will be no great Impact of Automation on employment within the accounting Industry because although there are many accounting software available that automates accounting, a human is still needed to operate that software, and that is the accountant.
    Accounting is a job of an accountant and he has to manage the software. Sometimes in manual accounting the risk of human error is very high and to reduce risk level online software is the best option available. Through accounting software you can manage your accounting in proper and accurate way.
    You can manage inventory, expense also can get reminded about due date for payment of salary, etc. You can also view whether your business is growing or not and if growing then at which rate?
    You can also manage your accounting without your presence in office. It provides multi user facility and its a cloud accounting software.
    These are some features what you will get from online accounting software.
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    Because many use it

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    computer network and helpful system.CNH

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Impact of automation on employment within the accounting industry...