__ traits are characteristics passed on by their parents to their offspring. select one: a. physical b. hereditary c. culture d. inheritance


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    Right- and left-justified text forms a straight vertical line at the right- and left-hand margins, respectively. The unjustified side of the text is called "ragged" because of its uneven appearance

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    they enjoy how i think

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    A I think because in vg not all guys that wear mask are bad

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    I think qualitative research can be beneficial because it can explain why such phenomenon happened. Qualitative research is an in-depth research which focuses more on details, cause and effect and reasons of a certain problem or focuses on a person. It can explain more than numbers can do. This type of research is most useful in fields such as psychology or those who have experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


    Qualitative Research studies usually focuses on one persons and analyzes on their reaction about something.

    For example, a Psychiatrist wants to know about the reason why his patient has been depressed. So he will ask questions to assess his patient and observes not only verbal cues but also gestures or non-verbal cues. Then the Psychiatrist can also asks the family about what they have observed about the patient. Moreover, the Psychiatrist can do counselling, prescribe medication for the patient, offer non-pharmaceutical ways such as art therapy, or music therapy and continue to observe the patient's development.

    You can also read more about the meaning of qualitative research in think link:

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__ traits are characteristics passed on by their parents to their offspring. select one: a. physica...