Is a social media app feature that enables people from disaster-affected areas to mark themselves as safe. select one: a. google person finder b. change. org c. holacracy d. facebook safety check


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    The answer is D. Facebook Safety Check


    Facebook has a safety check feature that allows users to mark themselves safe in a crisis situation. When incidents such as typhoons, earthquakes, building collapse and other nature or man-made crisis and many people post about it on social media, Facebook will trigger the safety check.

    Once this is activated, users in the area will get a notification to mark themselves safe. Their friends on the same social media channel will also see that their friends have marked themselves safe with the safety check feature.

    The safety check feature can be activated under Crisis Response and then select the Crisis page for the specific one that affects your area or place.

    It is a very good feature because:

    it raises global awareness about a disaster in a particular areabecause people are aware of the disaster, help could be providedit allows one to mark themselves safe. It is helpful when family members wanted news about a loved one in an area of crisis.

    With social media, information sharing is now easy and generally, it is good for everyone because help will not only be coming from one place but possible from other places as well.

    For more information:

    Disaster Response:

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    I'm not that certain with the answers
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    answer is d, 2010 (specifically January 15, 2010).
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    Google Person Finder was created on January 15, 2010.  Google Person Finder helps people reconnect with friends and loved ones in the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disasters.
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    It was created in 2010 
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    Question 1
    Facebook Safety Check is a feature that is activated during and after natural and man-made disasters which enables users in disaster stricken areas to let people know that they are safe.

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    The answer to this question would be letter D. which is 2010.
    For the specific date, the Google Person Finder was founded back in January 15, 2010.
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