How do we use advanced word tools to develop content?


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    project research

    project data

    project experiment

    project questions

    data analysis/conclusion

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    The visual aspects that are used to film a single shot such as lightning, sound objects, movement, shadow, colour etc., these codes have to be planned ahead of the filming and need to be stationed at specific locations within the set.

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    Take care in using facilities & equipmentOnly use equipment you already know how to use Be alert & aware of the training areaIn performing exercises & movement in general, practice good form firstBring back all equipment in place after use
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    System Unit definition  

    In computers, system unit refers to the housing of the device. It acts like a compartment in which the other parts of computer could be put inside. It may be composed of the mouse, CPU and monitor

    Parts of system unit Hard disk drive storage RAM storage Power supply Fan Heatsink DVD  Motherboard Sound card Graphics card

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How do we use advanced word tools to develop content?...