Why is it important to wrap neck with gauze, snap off top toward self. if not prescored, disinfect the file and neck of an ampule with cotton ball with alcohol?


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    System specification means making an initial assessment or checking your system hardware and software capabilities.  

    It is important and must be considered by every computer user to see if their desired software that needs to be installed can really accommodate or run on their hardware or device. For example, you have an old 3D game that you wanted to install in your Pentium 2, Windows XP Computer.  

    Your Pentium 2 has a system specifications of:

    Processor: Intel Pentium II (2) RAM: 512KB Storage / Hard Disk Capacity: 50GB Supported Operating System: Windows XP or lower.  

    Your game specifications:

    Processor: at least Intel Pentium IV RAM: 1GB or higher Storage: 5GB or higher Supported Operating System: Windows NT or higher

    It is clearly obvious that your 3D game is not compatible with your desktop as it requires higher computer specifications. All the hardware required are higher. Then, your game cannot be used in your Pentium II desktop. If you forced to install your game, it could damage your software inside your computer and might affect other applications from running. The worst case scenario, it might also damage your hardware.

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    The answer is B. Navigation

    Navigation is a section of the website or web page, wherein links to other web pages that is part of the website can be found and clicked there. It could make the user "navigate" or browse other part of the website. Normally, navigation section can be found on corners (like top, bottom, left and right) part of the website with hyperlinks and buttons. Sometimes, they are in a form of tables and Cascading Style Sheet boxes.

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    An SLN file is a structure file used for organizing projects in Microsoft Visual Studio. It contains text-based information about the project environment and project state. When opened, the preSolution, Project, and postSolution information is read from the SLN file.

    The solution user options (.suo) file is a structured storage, or compound, file stored in a binary format. You save user information into streams with the name of the stream being the key that will be used to identify the information in the .suo file.

    VBA is a file extension for a Visual Basic file used with the Microsoft Office Suite. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. VBA files contain Visual Basic source code. VBA files are used to add functionality to Office applications, similar to a plug-in.
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