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    this generational  list of intel processors  attempts to present all of  intel's  processors  from the pioneering  4-bit  4004  (1971) to the present high-end offerings, which include the 64-bit  itanium 2  (2002),  intel core i9, and  xeon  e3 and e5 series processors (2015). concise technical data is given for each product.

        [hide]  1latest desktop and mobile processors for consumers1.18th generation core/coffee lake/kaby lake refresh1.1.1desktop1.1.2mobile1.27th generation core/kaby lake/skylake-x/apollo lake1.2.1desktop1.2.2mobile2all processors2.1the 4-bit processors2.1.1intel 40042.2the 8-bit processors2.2.180082.2.280802.2.380852.3microcontrollers2.3.1intel 80482.3.2intel 80512.3.3intel 801512.3.4intel 802512.3.5mcs-96 family2.4the bit-slice processor2.4.13000 family2.5the 16-bit processors: mcs-86 family2.5.180862.5.280882.5.3801862.5.4801882.5.5802862.632-bit processors: the non-x86 microprocessors2.6.1iapx 4322.6.2i960 a.k.a. 809602.6.3i860 a.k.a. 808602.6.4xscale2.732-bit processors: the 80386 range2.7.180386dx2.7.280386sx2.7.3803762.7.480386sl2.7.580386ex2.832-bit processors: the 80486 range2.8.180486dx2.8.280486sx2.8.380486dx22.8.480486sl2.8.580486dx42.932-bit processors: p5 microarchitecture2.9.1original pentium2.9.2pentium with mmx technology2.1032-bit processors: p6/pentium m microarchitecture2.10.1pentium pro2.10.2pentium ii2.10.3celeron (pentium ii-based)2.10.4pentium iii2.10.5pentium ii and iii xeon2.10.6celeron (pentium iii coppermine-based)2.10.7pentium iii tualatin-based2.10.8celeron (pentium iii tualatin-based)2.10.9pentium m2.10.10celeron m2.10.11intel core2.10.12dual-core xeon lv2.1132-bit processors: netburst microarchitecture2.11.1pentium 42.11.2xeon2.11.3mobile pentium 4-m2.11.4pentium 4 ee2.11.5pentium 4e2.1264-bit processors: ia-642.12.1itanium2.12.2itanium 22.1364-bit processors: intel 64 – netburst microarchitecture2.13.1pentium 4f2.13.2pentium d2.13.3pentium extreme edition2.13.4xeon2.1464-bit processors: intel 64 – core microarchitecture2.14.1intel core 22.14.2intel pentium dual-core2.14.3celeron2.14.4celeron m2.1564-bit processors: intel 64 – nehalem microarchitecture2.15.1intel pentium2.15.2core i32.15.3core i52.15.4core i72.15.5xeon2.1664-bit processors: intel 64 – sandy bridge / ivy bridge microarchitecture2.16.1celeron2.16.2pentium2.16.3core i32.16.4core i52.16.5core i72.1764-bit processors: intel 64 – haswell microarchitecture2.1864-bit processors: intel 64 – broadwell microarchitecture2.18.1core i32.18.2core i52.18.3core i72.1964-bit processors: intel 64 – skylake microarchitecture2.19.1core i32.19.2core i52.19.3core i72.2064-bit processors: intel 64 – kaby lake microarchitecture2.2164-bit processors: intel 64 – coffee lake microarchitecture2.2264-bit processors: intel 64 – cannonlake microarchitecture2.23intel tera-scale2.24intel 805xx product codes2.25intel 806xx product codes3see also4references5external links
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