Convert 11011011 into base 10 notation


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    As a student, Microsoft Word can help me by formatting and editing documentations that I need for my school works and studies.

    Microsoft Word is a word processing application software. It is a type of application software that is intended to create, edit or modify, print and format documents. Documents that I will need to type, print and edit like research papers, letters, essays, and even invitations and posters. It is the easiest and most common type of word processing software. Word files could be saved using .doc or .docx file extension and they often called documents. It is a part of Microsoft Office Suite.

    To create a document, just double click the Word icon or you can find a shortcut in Start Menu, then perform a single click on the icon. The application will automatically open. You can create a blank document to work on by clicking File> New or simply pressing Ctrl + N keys on the keyboard.

    Microsot Word contains the following parts:

    Title Bar - this is where the name of the document is located together with the Close (X), Minimize, Maximize and Restore buttons. This bar is located at the top most portion of the screen. Menu Toolbar - Menu Toolbar contains menu that has every function that Microsoft Word can perform. You can print, save, open, create a new document, insert an image or objects, view the document, perform spelling check on the whole document and so on by clicking on these menu links. Formatting Toolbar - Under the menu toolbar you can find the formatting toolbar containing shortcuts of the functions inside the menu bar. From here you can edit texts, perform bullets and numbering and other things by clicking on the icons. Ruler - this would tell you the size of the document. You can also see margins and other essential objects for your document layout.

    To know more about Microsoft Word, see these links below:

    Microsoft word parts : What are the parts of microsoft word? : What are the functions of Microsoft word?​ :
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    Enter value

    If value%2==0

      then number is even

      else, number is odd


    Modulo or Mod(Expressed by symbol "%") calculates the remainder if a number is divided by a divisor. Therefore if the number is divided by 2 and the remainder is 0, then the number is even. Anything other than that, the number is odd.

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    a lot


    Because many use it

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