B- List down 5 examples of Digital Immigrants


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    Members commit to a one-year membership in the group. Membership is opened once a year to allow new members to join. Members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement at their first meeting. This fosters trust, transparency and strong business relationships among the members.

    We are not a leads or networking group. This is a peer support group. Bonds form between members and referrals occur, but we keep that outside the doors of the group. We encourage people to remain focused on their goals, accountability, issue resolutions and best-practices sharing during our monthly two-and-one-half meetings.

    Entrepreneurs Group is not for everyone. We qualify our members prior to inviting them to join our groups. We need our members to be open and honest about their business and themselves. We also look for business owners willing to help others as their pathway to success.

    We remain a group that is non-competitive in industry. Once an industry seat is filled, we do not invite another member from that industry into that group.

    Each member also has one individual coaching session per month. We offer additional coaching during the membership to the group at a reduced cost during times of need both in high growth as well as during the tough times.


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    It comprises seven tabs;

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    Oxygen:O/group no. 16

    Beryllium:Be/ group no. 2

    Phosphorus:P/group no. 15

    gernanium:Ge/group no. 14

    darmstadium:Ds/group no.10

    hope it helps:)

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    Kumain ng wasto para isip ay maging ganado,laban para sa kalosugan ng ating katawan.

    Explanation:PSCNHS?What grade?Alam mo na ang sagot ikaw na ang bahalang mag isip ng isasagot mo thank you!

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B- List down 5 examples of Digital Immigrants...