Best event of economic globalization in africa


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    Our last example showed the importance of marketing a diverse set of products and using new products to gain strategic advantage. Defining and managing this collection of products is called product portfolio management.

    Think of an artist’s portfolio. The artist will use her portfolio to display a range of work. She will try to select works that showcase her strengths in different areas so that someone reviewing her portfolio can see the range of different things she can do well.

    Similarly, a product portfolio requires diversity in order to be effective. In this module we will talk about what the product portfolio is and how a marketer can use the power of a product portfolio to achieve marketing objectives.

    The specific things you’ll learn in this section include:

    Define the product portfolio and explain its use in marketing

    Identify marketing strategies and tactics used to achieve portfolio objectives

    Explain why new products are crucial to an organization’s success


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    Ekonomiks: Kurba ng Demand

    _ _ _ _ A _ _ D _ _ _ _ _ grapikong paglalarawan ng presyo at quantity demanded.


    Ang tamang sagot para punan ang patlang ay KURBA NG DEMAND. Sa ekonomiks, ang demand curve o kurba ng demand ay nailalarawan sa pamamagitan ng graph upang malaman ang paggalaw ng presyo ng bilihin at ang demand ng bilihin.  

    Ano ang kahulugan ng demand curve:

    Paggalaw ng kurba ng demand:

    Demand Schedule at Demand Curve:


    3 Uri ng Demand Iskedyul ng Demand Kurba ng Demand Pungsyon ng Demand


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    For me, it is necessary to report all payment transactions made by individual person. All payment reports made by the bank will be automatically documented by the three bureaus as this is the basis of how on time is the payment, how delinquent is the payment. All accumulated records are useful as this will be their guide to determine if a person is qualified for another credit not.  

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    In organization there are
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