3. based on penelope's perspective, how is she different from how the epic
portrays her? what do you think of penelope's character in the preceding
un to say about the "official version of what happened? ​


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    What is Income Statement? Summary of the revenue and expenses of a business entity giving information as to the results of operation for a specific period of time. Elements of Income Statement

     Income Statement- refers to the amount earned through services rendered or sale of merchandise.

     Expenses- refer to the cost of goods or services that are used up in the operation of a particular business entity.

    The basics of an Income Statement

    Revenue- This is the amount you earned (or your sales), and any interests you have earned from those sales.

    a.Service Revenue-  Revenues earned by performing services for a customer or clients.

    b.Sales- Revenues earned as a result of sale of merchandise.

    Income Accounts

    Service Income  Revenue from fees  Sales  Rent Income  Interest Income  


    Cost of Sales- The cost incurred to purchase a material to make a product sold to customers during the period; also called cost of goods sold.

    Expense Account

     Advertising Expense  Travelling Expense  Salaries Expense  Tax Expense  Rent Expense  Supplies Expense  Utilities Expense  Transportation Expense    Interest Expense  Repairs and Maintenance Expense  Insurance Expenses  Charitable Contribution expenses  Depreciation Expense  Tools Expense  

     Miscellaneous Expenses

    Guidelines in Preparing Income Statement

    a.The heading of the income statement is always written at the center of the first line statement

    b.The expense accounts maybe arranged according to the magnitude or according to relative importance of the information to the user.

    c.A peso sign is placed on the first amount in every mathematical operation and on the net income or net loss.

    d.A single rule is drawn after every operation of addition and subtraction

    e.A double rule is drawn after the net income or net loss.

    Forms of an Income Statement Presentation

    a.Single-step income statement

    b.Multiple-step income statement

    Equation use in net income or net loss in business

    Income- expenses = net income or net loss

    Purpose of Income Statement read more on:

    The income statement shows which of the following?

    How to compute income statement read more on:

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    Subject Economics

    The correct answer among the four given choices is letter a.


    In accounting, liabilities are the payables, debts or obligations of a business to settle to another business or entity. Liabilities have two main categories:

    1. Current Liabilities

    -these are payables or debts of a business which are short-term payables that needs to be paid or settled by the business within a year.

    Some Examples of Current LiabilitiesAccounts PayableInterest PayableIncome Tax PayableAccrued ExpensesShort-term loans2. Non-Current Liabilities

    -these are payables or obligations of a business that are long-term liabilities that can be settle after a year or more than a year.

    Some Examples of Non-Current LiabilitiesBonds PayableLong-term Notes PayableDeferred Tax LiabilitiesMortgage Payable

    Further topics about assets and liabilities

    What is the opposite of assets

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    Di naman talaga mawawala ang mga having iyan dahil yan Ang problema ng mga bata.


    Ang kailangan lang gawin at maging matiyaga.

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    Araling Panlipunan

    Ano ang katangian na dapat taglayin ng isang mamimili sa pagtugon sa pagbabago sa mga salik ng demand?


    Nangangailangan ng matalinong pagpapasya ang mamimili bago magdesisyon na bumili ng produkto o serbisyo. Ang presyo ng bilihin, kita, populasyon, presyo ng alternatibong produkto ay mga ilan sa mga salik na maaaring makapagbago sa demand.

    Mga Halimbawa ng Matalinong Pagpapasya Pag inaasahan ang pagtaas ng mga bilihin sa susunod na linggo, dapat bumili ng produktong kailangan habang maaga Pag mababa ang kita, planuhin ang pagbubudyet sa mga pangunahing pangangailangan Pag mataas ang produktong kailangan, maaring maghanap ng alternatibong produkto na mas mababa ang presyo Huwag bumili ng mga bagong labas na kagamitang pangteknolohiya kung hindi naman kailangan agad

    Mga impormasyon tungkol sa salik ng demand:

    Paano nakakaapekto ang mga salik ng demand sa pagtaas at pagbaba nito:

    Sa iba pang mga kasagutan at impormasyon sa katangian na dapat taglayin ng isang mamimili sa pagtugon sa pagbabago sa mga salik ng demand:


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3. based on penelope's perspective, how is she different from how the epicportrays her? what do you...