What element/s of the accounting equation is/are affected by the followingtransactions? (1) gabriel company purchased inventory on credit for ₱20 000.(2) gabriel company deposited cash worth ₱5 000 which it has kept in its lockerto its local bank.(3) gabriel company received interest from its deposit in the bank. the interestamounts to ₱200.(4) a fire broke in the warehouse of gabriel company. luckily, only ₱2 000worth of inventory was affected.(5) gabriel company offered merchandise to one of its big-time customers. themerchandise is worth ₱4 000.(6) gabriel company sold goods to a major customer. a quarter of the goodswere paid in cash while the rest was to be paid in a month. the goods aresold for ₱10 000 although they only cost gabriel company ₱4 000.(7) gabriel company paid income taxes worth ₱5 000.(8) gabriel company paid ₱40 000 to advertise its merchandise to the public.


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    is the process of interaction and integration among people

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    (see explanation)


    Excise tax is a form of tax given to goods on the moment of manufacture, rather than on the moment of sale (sales tax). These are usually related to goods that are imported and exported like petroleum products and precious stones.

    Since the excise tax are imposed on the moment of manufacture, the producers carry the burden first, then passes this tax to its consumers. Usually there are sales tax on these goods but excise tax is an additional the good, making it very expensive.

    Excise tax are usually applied to very specific products like petroleum products and "socially undesirable" goods like alcohol, tobacco. Like other taxes, these goods are taxed so that the government can have money to spend on their projects, as well as discouraging consumers to purchase these because of the high price.

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    Give example of each business forms of organization

    KFC and Mc Donald is an example of a corporation. Any Businesses registered in the Security and Exchange commission can be a corporation or a partnership. A corporation has shareholders and a maximum of 100 owners while partnership form of business have 2 or more individuals to carry on a business as an owner. Sole proprietorship is registered in Department of Trade and Industry no need to register in Sec. A sole proprietorship type of business is run by one owner. A good example of a partnership is a family business run by a family partnered with by a close family friends or relatives while sole proprietorship is run by one person like for example you open a barbecue grill or a sari-sari store or other small business like school supplies.  

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What element/s of the accounting equation is/are affected by the followingtransactions? (1) gabriel...