Bonds payable are a form of long-term debt, often in huge sums, contained in an agreementcalled?


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    PROFITABILITY - This objective of a business is one of the most important objective of a business. A person or a businessman normally setup business to achieve profits for its owner or shareholders.

    GROWTH - Another objective of a business is growth. The growth should be in terms of increase in profit, revenue, capacity, number of employees and employee prosperity, etc.

    STABILITY - Stability as an objective of a business means continuity of the business. This is achieved through customer satisfaction, creditworthiness, employee satisfaction etc.

    EFFICIENCY - This means aggressiveness or efficiency in the working environment. A business should always try to reach or achieve the best in its fields. Efficiency as an objective of a business is in terms of labor productivity, energy consumption, quality control etc.

    SURVIVAL - A business should have the capacity to survive or overcome market jolts or shocks. A business should have the long-term existence in the market as part of its vision.

    What is business?

    Hospitality in business setting

    Oldest form of business organization

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    Look at the study of economics like supply/demand, efficient pricing, lowering costs, etc. You can use this into real world situations and apply it to solve the problems that every business has.

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    About like around 30

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Bonds payable are a form of long-term debt, often in huge sums, contained in an agreementcalled?...