What revenue earned as a result of dividend declaration of acompany where in a business has invested stocks?


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    Assets: Defined as the economic resources which are owned by a business and are expected to benefit future operations.

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    Assets as  the first element of accounting equation.

    Classification of Assets

     Current Assets: This includes cash and other assets which can easily be converted into cash, sold, or consumed during normal business operation.

     Plant or fixed assets: a non-current asset that is more or less permanent in nature, not for sale and exclusively for business use only and has physical existence.

    Current Asset Accounts Include:


    2.Accounts Receivable


    4.Notes receivable

    5.Interests receivable

    6.Allowance for bad debts

    7.Merchandise Inventory

    8.Prepaid Expenses

    9.Supplies on hand

    Fixed Asset Accounts Include:




    4.Delivery Equipment

    5.Accumulated depreciation


    a.  Asset- Land is an asset, it is considered as fixed asset because land is invested for long-term use and it cannot be converted to quickly into cash.

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    Retained Earnings is always considered as liability to the firm.

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    ang mga maaaring dahilan kung bakit di na kailangan mag migrate ang tao ay para maiwasan ang pagkasira ng pamilya,para hindi maulila sa pamilya at para maiwasan ang brain drain at ang pinakahuli para mapaunlad ang sarili nating bansa.

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    Divide the amount added to the price by the amount the item costs you to buy to find the markup rate expressed as a decimal. In this example, you would divide $2 by $6 to get 0.3333. Convert the markup rate expressed as a decimal to a markup rate expressed as a percentage by multiplying it by 100.

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What revenue earned as a result of dividend declaration of acompany where in a business has invested...