Write down 5 opportunities do you see in each of the objects listed below: -A large Pebble
-A fallen tree branch
-A chair
-An old cap
-A yardstick
-An old coat hanger
-An empty tissue paper
-An Empty tin can


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    Subject Economics

    The correct answer among the various given choices is letter g. Inventory is the account that  includes finished  goods, raw materials, work-in process  items, and supplies.


    An inventory is an asset which is classified under current asset that is intended to be sold in the ordinary course of business or within 1 year. Not all inventory is readily available for sale to customers. There are three categories to be classified as inventory which are:

    Normally held for sale in the ordinary course of business; or That is in the process of being produced for sale; or Most or all materials or supplies intended for consumption in the production process.Inventory Components

    These are the components that usually make the list of inventory:

    Raw Materials -these are the materials to be used in the production of the finished goods. Beginning materials for production of goods.Work-in Process Goods - these are the goods that are on processed, but not yet complete to be sold to customers.Finished Goods - these are the completed processed goods that can be available for sale to customers and ready for distribution

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    a. increasing equity


    In accounting, interest revenue is the amount of money gained from the interests of investments or money borrowed by other businesses or people. As it is categorized as a revenue, it will increase the equity as it will cause the gain or inflow of money. This will increase the cash in assets and in effect, will also increase the equity of the business.


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    Ang maasikaso ng maigi at matugugan ang kanilang mta kailangan at Lalo Lalo na ang manigyan ng pansin

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    To avoid harm

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Write down 5 opportunities do you see in each of the objects listed below: -A large Pebble -A fall...