Which of the following series of heat transfer is involved in the environment?


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    Tourism and hospitality are interralated concepts, where, tourism can be simply defined as historical site natural beauty of a place and culture, hospitality is a manner which people accept other people with wholesome respect and gratitude furthermore hospitality could be on the geographical setting of a place where is it hospitable in terms of infrastructure(roads). Tourism may prosper in one place if the two manner ( people and place) are hospitable

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    maging fair tayo sa mga magsasaka dahil sila Ang nagpapakahirap .

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    If you are referring to a sole proprietorship, Mang inasal and Jollibee is not suitable answer because Jollibee and Mang inasal are under Corporation type of Business. They are registered in  Security and exchange commission covered with a corporation by laws. In business there are three types of ownership, the sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. Since your question is about sole proprietorship, i will give correct example for this, sole is kind of business which have a full and exclusive ownership meaning there is only one owner and this is considered as a small enterprise. Just take note there is only one owner. for example you owned a bakeshop or halo halo parlor, you are the manager, the accounting and everything, your  name is a sole proprietorship. A Sole proprietorship business must be registered to Department of trade and industry.

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    Ang paglagay ng isang marka sa isang produkto ay isang palatandaan kung anong kompanya ang nagmamay-ari nito.

    Halimbawa:sapatos na Nike. ang marka nito ay tsek mabilis na nakikilala ng mamimili ang isang produkto kung kaninong company ito.
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Which of the following series of heat transfer is involved in the environment?...