Ronnie is the it security officer of the tra corporation. his task is to secure/protect the data and programs of the company. which of the following action he will do


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    Crowd Pleaser

    When it comes to speeches that entertain, if you can't be brief, at least be memorable. Write a speech that's easy to remember and tantalizing for the press to quote. For example, Winston Churchill was once asked to give the commencement address at Oxford University. Following his introduction, he walked to the podium, said “Never, never give up,” and took his seat.

    When you write a speech that entertains, always start by assessing your audience. You know that audience analysis is a crucial component in every writing situation, but it's especially vital when you're writing an entertaining speech because here, your listeners are gathered to have a good time. They don't have to stay to gather information or to listen to your viewpoint (so they can later rebut it). As a result, always start by thinking how you can make sure the audience gets what they came for. Consider their likes and dislikes and their level of sophistication.

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    Accordingly, the Mckinsey Global Institute reported that internet speed, particularly faster connections, enable economic growth that leads to more jobs and wealth. This research was made on 13 countries that account for over 70 percent of the global gross domestic product (GDP).

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    ang mga salik na makapagudulot ng demad curve ay ang sariling presyo ng produkto.

    Explanation:halimbawa ng paglipat ng demand curve kung ang chocolate ay bumaba mula sa 5 pesos sa 4 pesos makikita nating na lilipat ang punto mula A hanggang B. king tataas namn ang presyo mula 2 pesos patungong 3 pesos ,lilipat ang punto mula C patungong D

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    in kids they are not yet reliable enough to be used especially in infants and only poeple with mental problems or just addicts use it


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Ronnie is the it security officer of the tra corporation. his task is to secure/protect the data and...