Demand-supply schedule (demand) p=40-2qd (supply) p=15 4qs


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    Interdependence is when both organisms are mutually dependent on one another. For example, figs and fig wasps.
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    Its important to the economy as the money given to us is use and spread or being circulate throughout the country to somewhat make more money.In that way the invested money will be in great use and worth it.
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    To build and maintain a business you must follow the ethics on how to be a successful manager, and you must enhance your strategic and planning mindset.
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    There is no universal definition of entrepreneurship because it is unique from person to person. There may be some overlapping features of entrepreneurship but could only make a definition that is partially true. However a person sees a business venture may or may not be exactly the same as to how somebody else sees it.

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Demand-supply schedule (demand) p=40-2qd (supply) p=15 4qs...