What makes drops but doesn't go up


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    because it never goes up

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    sorry po Hindi ko po Alam eh

    #carry on learning


    thank you po

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    Socio-cultural aspect

    Globalization has three main aspects which are economic, political and socio-cultural (University of Leicester 2009)


    Also called Cultural Globalization. Socio-cultural refers to the transmission of Ideas, Interests, and Values around the globe to extend and intensify social relationships.

    "The Dab" dance can be defined as a form of communication or gesture to relay the feeling of triumph/playfulness.

    To simply put - with the help of social media, The Dab is a trend that started from the United Stated then spread like wildfire across the globe, particularly, in the Philippines. This series of events is what you can call an "exchange in culture"

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    society often tells its people to act as been told, society also dictates the lives of its inhabitants by imposing rules and regulations to what we consider as norm, good, and bad.

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What makes drops but doesn't go up...