A study is done to determine the average tuition that San Jose State undergraduate students pay per semester. Each student in the following samples is asked how much tuition he or she paid for the Fall semester. What is the type of sampling in each case and explain?


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    Our last example showed the importance of marketing a diverse set of products and using new products to gain strategic advantage. Defining and managing this collection of products is called product portfolio management.

    Think of an artist’s portfolio. The artist will use her portfolio to display a range of work. She will try to select works that showcase her strengths in different areas so that someone reviewing her portfolio can see the range of different things she can do well.

    Similarly, a product portfolio requires diversity in order to be effective. In this module we will talk about what the product portfolio is and how a marketer can use the power of a product portfolio to achieve marketing objectives.

    The specific things you’ll learn in this section include:

    Define the product portfolio and explain its use in marketing

    Identify marketing strategies and tactics used to achieve portfolio objectives

    Explain why new products are crucial to an organization’s success


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    they gain popularity and their own source of income that they can be successful of

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    Buwis po or Tax


    Bawat Sweldo Po nang Mga Manggagawa ay May Tax Uhm Kahit student kadin po palang ay Nagbabayad kana na ng Tax Ying Pagbibili mo sa Grocery Tapos May Receipt Ka, Yung Vat Po Na nandun Sa receipt nyo Yun po yung tax

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    walang baon na pera at walang pangastos para sa pagkain o sa mga bagay na kailangan ng isang tao


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A study is done to determine the average tuition that San Jose State undergraduate students pay per...