Define product-oriented layout.


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    In accounting, liabilities are the payables, debts or obligations of a business to settle to another business or entity. Liabilities have two main categories:

    1. Current Liabilities

    -these are payables or debts of a business which are short-term payables that needs to be paid or settled by the business within a year.

    Some Examples of Current LiabilitiesAccounts PayableInterest PayableIncome Tax PayableAccrued ExpensesShort-term loans2. Non-Current Liabilities

    -these are payables or obligations of a business that are long-term liabilities that can be settle after a year or more than a year.

    Some Examples of Non-Current LiabilitiesBonds PayableLong-term Notes PayableDeferred Tax LiabilitiesMortgage Payable

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    Explanation: Dahil nagtataas na ang buwis sa bansa at naapektuhan ang mga prdukto at nagtataas na ng presyo.

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