Explain service after sales tagalog


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    Supply and Demand

    When supply goes up, demand goes down and vice versa.

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    Green politics, or ecopolitics,[1] is a political ideology that aims to foster an ecologically sustainable society rooted in environmentalism, nonviolence, social justice and grassroots democracy.[2] It began taking shape in the western world in the 1970s; since then Green parties have developed and established themselves in many countries around the globe and have achieved some electoral success.



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    Of course the change should start with me. I should start making advocacies and doing small yet helpful things for the environment and the community so I could convince my community to do the same.


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    You can use economics in real life in buying groceries in the market. By buying groceries you are most likely choosing the best product in the price you can afford, picking the the fruits that's in season because it's cheaper, and choosing healthier goods rather than meats because it has a clear advantage on your budget and your health.


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