Josie refuses to accept a puka shell bracelet as a gift from a member of a Badjao
tribe. What is manifested in the statement?
2. Angela observed and respected a ritual of an indigenous group that she visited.
What is manifested in the statement?
3. Col Tiu found the notion of crumbling whenever she would see fellow Filipinos,
treating each and every Chinese national (including those originally from the
Philippines) with disgust and prejudice because of the sudden mass outbreak of
the Covid-19. What is shown through Col Tiu ‘s idea?
4. The widespread news that bat soup is one of the most popular dishes in Wuhan,
made ugly slurs and comments about how the Chinese prepare their food or what
kind of food they eat. What was manifested through the statement?
5. Aljin, who is a Muslim, keeps silent whenever her Christian classmates pray.


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    Of course the change should start with me. I should start making advocacies and doing small yet helpful things for the environment and the community so I could convince my community to do the same.


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    Keep beeing healthy.


    Which means being physically,mentally,socially, and spiritually healthy cause that's what health means.

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    Online shopping is unarguably the trend right now. Most people, especially the busy and the lazy ones tend to resort to online shopping. In online shopping, products are just one click away, no doubt that online shopping is peaking right now. However, like any other things, it has also negative and positive effects.


    You can buy stuff like shirts that are not available at your local stores. There are a variety of choice to choose.More convenient and easy.Saves time and energy


    It takes time for the product to arrive.Quality is not sure because the shopping is done online.If there are problems in the product, the return will surely be very hassle.Product or parcel can be lost along the way of the delivery.

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    Opportunities brought by on;ine shopping

    Interactivity of online shopping

    Online security threats

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    Classroom assessment and evaluation under the active management of teachers can also serve important professional development purposes since the information resulting from such evaluations provides teachers with valuable feedback about their instructional effectiveness that they can use to develop and improve their professional skills.

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Josie refuses to accept a puka shell bracelet as a gift from a member of a Badjao tribe. What is man...