Anong meaning ng konsensya?

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    1.Ang konsensya ay tumatayong testigo sa pagkakataong ito sapagkat nagpapatunay ito sa kilos na ginagawa o hindi ginagawa ng tao.

    2.ang konsensya ay ang pumupukaw sa tao upang magpaalala ng dapat gawin

    3.Ang konsensiya ang mararamdamang nagpapahintulot,nagpaparatang o maaring nagpapahirap sa tao.ang konsensiya ang bumabagabag sa tao kapag nakagawa ito ng masama.

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    answer:Pagiging matiyaga at matiisin

    Explanation:Nakamit nating lahat ang ating tungkulin at karapatan dahil tayo'y matiisin at matiyaga sa ating ginagawakakailanganin din natin nang sipag para makamit ang ating inaasam.

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    Maturation and Learning are Essential to Human Development


    Human development is a very complicated process. Once we are out of the womb, we start to learn while at the same time maturing or growing. In the womb. However, we are just like any animal. We start out as a fertilized egg and then end up a full baby with predictable expected growth at certain intervals. If they do not happen, there is developmental or maturation anomaly.

    As we grow further however, learning now also plays a more critical role. When learning how to walk, for example, maturation provides the leg mobility, strength and learning allows them to avoid standing on one feet, for example, as balance might be lost.

    When learning how to ride a bike, maturation provides the leg strength, eye, hand leg coordination and the thinking to step on the brakes when about to hit a tree. Maturation and Learning typically work together.

    These cited examples only show that as human beings, we go beyond simple physical development but also a mental and psychological one. We grow and learn. We experience things. We are able to influence things. We can control events around us. All of these because we have experiences during our development where we learned a thing or two.

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    Stages of Development:

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